Text-To-Speech API

You use Text-To-Speech API to send synthesized speech or recorded sound files to a phone number. You can:

  • Create synthesized audio messages that are delivered in a language, accent and gender personalized for your users.
  • Personalize message presentation by changing the speaking rate and introducing pauses.

This section briefly explains the:

Text-To-Speech API workflow

To use the Nexmo Text-To-Speech API you:

  1. Create a Text-To-Speech using the request.
    Note: set callback in the request so you receive the Text-To-Speech Return Parameters at your webhook endpoint.
  2. Receive a Response and check the Response codes to ensure that you sent the request to the Nexmo correctly.
  3. Using your script at the webhook endpoint, check the Text-To-Speech Return Parameters to see:
    • If the status was successful.
    • When and how the Text-To-Speech was made.
    • How much the Text-To-Speech cost.

Note: remember to return 200 ok when you receive the Text-To-Speech Return Parameters.

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